For years, Ace Metal Recycling has served the scrap metal processing needs of Honolulu and the surrounding area. We are proud of the reputation we have developed for service, honesty, and environmental friendliness. Come see our friendly staff today, bring in your metal scrap from home improvement projects, any old car parts and any broken metal tools from your garage... free up more space for yourself while recycling. You may even walk away with some cash for some of these recyclable items.
Kitchen appliance garbage

Environmentally Friendly

We use only environmentally-friendly methods in the processing of the scrap metal brought to our recycling center, and we are very happy that we provide a service that helps people by turning unwanted junk into cash while helping the environment as well. When you bring your scrap to us, everybody wins!

Great Rates

We pride ourselves in giving our customers top dollar for their ferrous and non-ferrous. Depending on market prices for these scrap metal commodities can vary; this determines what price we will buy each item. With Ace, you can trust that you will receive the best rate for every pound of scrap metal you bring.

Recycle for Sustainability

Ace Metal Recycling accepts all types of HOUSEHOLD metals, even old and broken items. Items such as old aluminum sheets or aluminum lanai chairs, brass door knobs, copper pipes or plumbing pipes, house wires, stainless steel, these are all types of things left over from renovating or moving. Many of these items are not acceptable for bulky item or regular trash pick-up, but you can bring it down to Ace to recycle
Turn junk into cash today! Call us at (808) 847-3322!
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